Top location in the new Westfield Mall of the Netherlands
15 minutes to 3 hours of playing without being tied to a contract
The safety and enjoyment of your child is always our number 1 priority
Contributing to your child's social skills and spatial awareness
Careful supervision
All in one place. While your child is having fun, you can have a well-deserved quality time for yourself with more than enough to choose from at the Mall of the Netherlands

How we work & Our rates

How we work

Step 1: sign in

You can call us or come directly to our location.

Step 2: registration

We will start your registration. For your registration we will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Birth date of the child
  • ID card number of the parent/care taker and the child
  • Any allergies or particulars concerning the child

With the registration you have agreed with our terms and conditions.

Step 3: check

You will be called on your mobile phone by our employee to check if we have registered the correct number.

Step 4: photo

Next we take a photograph of you and your child, so that we can identify you when you pick up your child.

Step 5: confirmation mail

You will receive an e-mail with the starting time of playing, our contact details and general terms and conditions.

Step 6: pick up

Only the parent/care taker who brought the child can pick up the child. We do this because of safety reasons. When you pick up your child, the playing time will be calculated and you will be requested to pay the bill. The children can play at our indoor playground for a maximum of three hours.


Children can play for a maximum of 3 hours at our indoor playground. The price will be calculated per 15 minutes.
We do not accept cash because of safety reasons. Only cards are accepted.

€2,50 per 15 minutes

Sign in

Your child's fun starts here!

Safety & House Regulations


The safety of your child is our number one priority. We will do everything in our power to create a safe environment for your child. One of the ways in which we do this is by working with employees who are in possession of a first aid certificate, so that they are capable to act immediately in any unforeseen causality. Additionally, all our employees have a certificate of conduct(VOG-verklaring).

Our indoor soft play equipment comply with all the European norms and regulations. Also, all children are supervised during their play and will be guided with any challenges they encounter.

We have camera security in our indoor playground to have an overview of the location. This is for the safety of the children as well as our employees.

We do not take your trust lightly, which you have put in us by entrusting your child to play at our indoor playground, and will make sure that the well being of your child is always our priority.

House Regulations

  • Only children between the ages 2,5 to 11 are allowed
  • Only the parent/caretaker who brought the child is allowed to pick up the child
  • Children who are causing unease and/or unrest or damage to other children cannot continue playing at our playground
  • It’s not allowed to bring in toys or consumption to our playground
  • Children are expected to use the toilet independently or to wear a diaper. When they have a full diaper, the parent/caretaker will be called to ask if we should change the diaper for a surcharge of €5 or if they want to pick up the child.
  • Children are not allowed to wear jewellery that could potentially cause harm to the child during playing
  • When registering you agree to our general terms

Our jobs

Wil jij ook deel uitmaken van onze team van professionele begeleiders op onze binnenspeelplaats?

Stuur dan je CV naar

Eigenschappen van onze begeleiders

  • klantvriendelijk
  • communicatief sterk met zowel klein als groot
  • beleeft plezier aan spelen
  • positieve instelling
  • leergierig en energiek
  • kan overzicht houden tijdens het spelen
  • kan kinderen goed begeleiden in hun spel
  • geeft hoogste prioriteit aan de veiligheid en welzijn van de kinderen

Wij bieden onze begeleiders

  • dynamische werkomgeving
  • nieuw concept
  • ruimte voor ontwikkeling
  • goed loon
  • cursus EHBO en BHV

Praktische informatie

Werkuren: 5 tot 25 uur in de week
Openingstijden: Elke dag van 12:00 tot 20:00
Locatie: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, Leidschendam
Opleidingsniveau: MBO niveau

About us

To let a child play joyfully in safety with supervision, that is what we stand for! So that the child can have fun and develop their social skills, while the parents/caregivers can enjoy some well-deserved time for themselves.

Children who have fun in a secure, clean and safe environment is our priority. We make it our mission that each child enjoys playing in our indoor playground. We are not only there for supervision and guidance, but also for each child’s individual needs. It could be exciting for children to initiate to play together with other children. We meet the needs of the children and guide them in their game, individually or together, so that all children can play together in harmony.

Next to climbing and running around we also have a Lego area, which consists of a large assortment of Lego for older children and Duplo for the young ones. In our Lego area the children can play for themselves or together with other children or one of our employees.

The children are developing their social and spatial skills and cognition. So it is a lot of fun as educational to play at our indoor playground.


Mall of the Netherlands • Nanny’s B.V.

Kornoelje 111 • 2262 AS Leidschendam

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