Terms and Conditions

Only children between the ages 3 to 11 are allowed to our indoor playground, because the whole facility has been approved for children of the age 3 years and up.

Children are expected to use the toilet independently or to wear a diaper. When a child has a full diaper, the parent/caretaker will be called to pick up the child or to change his/her diaper.
Nanny’s retains the right to unilaterally refuse a child, when Nanny’s considers that the child does not meet the requirements or that it is in the best interest of the child itself or of the other present children at our indoor playground.

Children who will be playing at our indoor playground need to be registered. Only adults of 18 years and older are allowed to register a child with us.

The safety and well being of the children is our highest priority. To ensure this, we have camera security at our indoor playground. So that we have an overview from each angle at the playground.
The parent/caretaker is required to provide all relevant information concerning the child for the safety and well being of the child. This information will be processed by Nanny’s solely in the interest of the child.

Your privacy is most important to us. Therefore, the personal data that we register will be processed with the utmost care and safety. Nanny’s B.V. will process the following details during the registration: first and family name, phone number, e-mail, birth date of the child, date of when the child will be playing at our playground, other personal data that you have submitted in open text boxes or by phone.

The ID number of the parent/caregiver as well as the child will be registered during the registration. We do this in order to immediately identify the child and parent/caregiver in any unforeseen situation.

Nanny’s B.V. has camera security at our indoor playground. We make use of these images to ensure the safety of the children and our employees. We could also use these images to record an incident. When an unforeseen incident occurs or when the house regulations or terms and conditions are violated, Nanny’s B.V. will register this incident. This incident registration may contain personal data of the parent/caregiver or child when there appears to be involvement in the incident or when the house regulations or terms and conditions are violated.

We process personal data only when you make use of our services. We could use your personal data for the following purposes: contact you for picking up your child, unforeseen incidents or marketing.
We are allowed to use personal data only when there is a legal basis for doing so. During the registration we process personal data because it is necessary to execute our mutual agreement. In addition, we process your personal data for the safety of the children and our employees.
We could also use your personal data when it is legally required and we are obligated to do so, because we are obligated to meet safety norms and register incidents.

Personal data is not saved longer than it is needed for the purposes to which they are used. when you have not made use of our services within two years, your personal data will be deleted after two years.

Your personal data will solely be submitted to third parties when necessary to execute our services or to comply with legal requirements.

You are able to see, correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your permission to your personal data registration or to object to the processing of your personal data by Nanny’s B.V.

The parent/caregiver will be informed by mail about our activities and promotions within Nanny’s.
Only the parent/caregiver who brought the child is allowed to pick up the child(no exceptions).
A child can play a maximum of 3 hours at once at our indoor playground.

Children with special needs are welcome at our indoor playground. However, It is very important to inform us beforehand about the special needs of your child for the safety and well being of the child. The parent/caregiver explicitly accepts and acknowledges that the employees of Nanny’s B.V. are in no way trained to take care of children with special needs and therefore has no liability whatsoever concerning the child with special needs. All liability lies with the parent/caregiver.

In case of an emergency where evacuation is necessary, the parent/caregiver accepts and agrees that the employees of Nanny’s will take all necessary measurements for the evacuation of the children who are registered and present at our indoor playground.

The parent/caregiver will be held responsible and liable for his/her child(dren) at all times. Nanny’s B.V. cannot be held responsible for any incidents that the child might be involved in, regardless of the cause of the incident(such as, but not limited to a medical reason or the behaviour of another child at Nanny’s indoor playground). The parent/caregiver will have unlimited liability for any damage or loss caused by the child(dren) towards Nanny’s B.V.

Nanny’s cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to clothing or any other object that was taken into the playground of Nanny’s.

In case these terms and conditions are not complied with, Nanny’s B.V. retains the right to take the necessary measurements to ensure the safety of the children and employees of Nanny’s B.V.